is 25 years old! and the community has been running for a quarter of a century! A few things about that:

John Mailander was 7 when we started out on June 12 1998.

Spirit Trail hadn’t been released (but was about to be).

Google was not yet a thing. (It was established a few months later). Nor Facebook, nor YouTube, nor Wikipedia. We were here first!

We’ve given you 2,241 downloads, which you’ve grabbed a total of over 1,600,000 times in total by June 2023. There are now over 1,000 setlists listed on this site dating back to Bruce’s days as a student in Miami.

You’ve raised over $35,000 for charities including the Merlin Centre and the ALS Association.through our Daily Dose Day (thank you!!)

And last year offered our documentary charting Bruce’s life and career, Door to Forever (the day before the announcement of ‘Flicted).

You’ve contributed to seven cover CDs of Bruce’s music.

And we’re pushing towards 3,000 members in our Facebook group!

Thanks for all of your contributions and support over the last 25 years – your setlists, your car rides, your music, your accommodation and your company. Here’s to the next 25!

What else was happening in 1998? 

How many of these designs can you remember? Click on each for a closer look…

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