is 20 years old today

It could be argued that Bruce’s newest followers are younger than this website, but is 20 years old today!

Old screenshot from 2009 On June 12 1998, this website began as “Bruce Hornsby Inter@ctive” (don’t forget the ‘@’). 

With thanks to so many of you, it’s still alive and well. We’re 20 years to the day after our first foray into the world of web.

We’ve held charity events and raised tens of thousands of dollars in our Daily Dose Days. Also we’ve had regular meet ups through this website, and at least one wedding! We’ve had six cover projects of Bruce’s work, listed over forty years of setlists, and published thousands of live songs for download.

Thanks to all of you for keeping it going… most especially Melissa, Patti, and of course the Hornsby family.

Here’s to the next twenty!

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