A Night on the Town

Si Twining

Thanks all for your contributions! You were asked to score each track on Bruce Hornsby’s Night on the Town, and hundreds of you replied. Here are the end results!

First, a reminder of how it sounds:

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This is Bruce’s third record, and final outing with The Range. Of all of Bruce’s records, this one has probably the fewest tracks still in rotation at the live shows, but of course that’s liable to change at any time!

The highest rated track is Across the River, by some margin, and compares favourably to all but one on the previous record also (Valley Road). It scores marginally higher on collaborations, after guest appearances by Jerry Garcia, Charlie Haden and Béla Fleck.

Bruce Hornsby’s A Night on the Town wiki page

Night on the Town - the breakdown

Night on the Town - 77.6%
Carry the Water - 64.4%
Fire on the Cross - 70.6%
Barren Ground - 76.2%
Across the River - 86.1%
Stranded on Easy Street - 60.3%
Stander on the Mountain - 75.9%
Lost Soul - 83.8%
Another Day - 69.3%
Special Night - 67.1%
These Arms of Mine - 62.2%
LYRICS - 79.8%



The third record comes in just behind the first two.


Rolling Stone: “A while back, who could have predicted that a musician from Williamsburg, Virginia, would sit at his piano and coax jazz, rock, country and gospel into a vibrant, instantly recognizable sound that would inhabit the lives of millions of people? That’s what Bruce Hornsby and the Range did with The Way It Is, in 1986, and the even more fluent and assured Scenes From the Southside, in 1988. Mirroring the rural region that inspired his music’s melodic expanse, Hornsby’s sound emerged so natural in its know-how that yuppies and punks alike mistook it for mere elegance.”