“Salivate” was the fourth cover project of Bruce Hornsby’s music, released in 2011.

Burce Hornsby Salivate cover project As always, it was performed, recorded, mixed and produced by the wonderful community for a charitable cause, this time inviting donations to the ALS Association and the NSPCC.

All of the artists donated their time, energy and talents for absolutely free, and we could not be prouder of the end result. I’m always truly humbled that people give their time and their gifts so freely.

The “Salivate” title was an “alternative” interpretation of Bruce’s “Levitate” released, with a drooling infant on the cover.

24 tracks are yours for free download below, or download all 24 tracks in one file.

CD One

Prairie Dog Town – Throwing Toasters

Invisible – Rachel Griffin

Mandolin Rain – Dave Rich

Nobody There But Me – Neil Isaacson

Talk of the Town – Aniko Somogyi

Rainbow’s Cadillac – Cruize Henderson

The Chill – David Ryshpan

Resting Place – Kathryn Holtkamp and friends

Stranded on Easy Street – George Marinelli

Set Me in Motion – Megan Metcalfe

Carry the Water – Demarkis and Marsden

See the Same Way – John D. Beck

The Tide Will Rise – Patrick Alfers

CD Two

Go Back to Your Woods – Richard Hart

The Long Race – Joseph Kerkman

End of the Innocence – Way It Is tribute band

Fire on the Cross – Alan Kerry

Defenders of the Flag – David Bruce Murray

Spider Fingers – Kory Caudill

Valley Road – Elaine Cronin

Crown of Jewels – David Holtkamp

Introduction to The Way It Is – Rob Klamka

The Way It Is – Joshua Paxton

Listen to the Silence – David Weis