Rehab Reunion

Si Twining

Bruce Hornsby’s Rehab Reunion is an all-dulcimer record.

Released: June 17 2016.

This is the sixth Noisemakers record (fourth studio) and the second to feature no piano, after Big Swing Face. The dulcimer is the focus throughout.

Of note, Chip DeMatteo co-wrote half the record with Bruce (tracks 2 through 6) and Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter wrote Tropical Cashmere Sweater.

Bruce Hornsby Rehab Reunion Here’s the track listing:

  1. “Over the Rise” (feat. Justin Vernon)
  2. “Soon Enough” 
  3. “MIA in M.I.A.M.I.”
  4. “Tipping”
  5. “Rehab Reunion” 
  6. “Hey Kafka”
  7. “Tropical Cashmere Sweater”
  8. “TSA Man”
  9. “The Valley Road (dulcimer)”
  10. “Celestial Railroad” (feat. Mavis Staples)

Your Rehab Reunion reviews

Here’s a brief clip of what each song sounds like:

Just 0.4% separates the first and second highest rated songs – every vote counts! Highest scoring was Soon Enough, just edging out MIA in M.I.A.M.I.

This is the highest rated band studio record since Spirit Trail in 1998.

Rehab Reunion - the breakdown!

Over the Rise - 74.8%
Soon Enough - 82.9%
MIA in M.I.A.M.I. - 82.5%
Tipping - 74.5%
Rehab Reunion - 75.8%
Hey Kafka - 54.5%
Tropical Cashmere Sweater - 69%
TSA Man - 68%
Valley Road - 73.8%
Celestial Railroad - 80.6%
LYRICS - 84.8%



The all-dulcimer record

Bruce Hornsby’s Rehab Reunion wiki page.


NPR – “Hornsby is by all accounts a patient artist, one whose earthy, unassuming music perennially finds a new audience. On Rehab Reunion, he’s never sounded more relevant.”

American Songwriter – “It may be just a brief excursion in Bruce Hornsby’s ever growing and eclectic catalog, but the charming, completely unaffected Rehab Reunion feels like a natural, even logical road to take on a lifelong musical journey that has seldom been predictable.” – “Hornsby proves that he’s still got some wonderful tricks up his sleeve.”