Bruce Hornsby Solo Concerts

Si Twining

Released: August 25 2014

U.S. Indie chart: 47

This record was given away for free to anyone who bought tickets to Bruce Hornsby’s solo piano tour of 2014.

Bruce Hornsby Solo Concerts Now we’re asking you to rate each track of the Solo Concerts release and complete the series – after this one, you’ll have compared every single one of Bruce Hornsby’s releases since 1986!

If you’re like me and you get some of the instrumentals confused, there’s a 30 second clip of each song in our audio player below.

If you’re inclined to rate any track a perfect 10, please restrict that to one choice only, if you would! Also feel free to leave your comments below if you’d like.

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Music player

Before we get to those scores a reminder of how each track sounds, with a brief clip of each:

Scoring Bruce Hornsby Solo Concerts

Aside from the tracks, you rated the record based on:

Artwork/liner notes – what came with the record

Musicality – musical creativity, spontaneity, connection – what makes it all work

Production – how good it sounds


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