Shadow Hands


Shadow Hands

Shadow Hands was the first Bruce Hornsby cover project, released in 2005. I opened the Shadow Hands website with the following words – downloads for each track are below!
I’ve frequently called this project the highlight of the seven years that I’ve run We’ve managed to assemble a fine group of talent amongst you, and put out a diverse body of music as an end result. This website is my thanks to those who have worked so hard to contribute – so please take a look around, read more about them, preview their songs, and find out how to get your copy of Shadow Hands!

Right-click on each track title to download:

CD One:

1. Fortunate Son – Kathryn Holtkamp
2. Talk of the Town – John D. Beck
3. The River Runs Low – David Das
4. The Red Plains – George Marinelli
5. Resting Place – Ben Sampson
6. The Way It Is – Cruize Henderson
7. Variation on Song A – Brendan Peltier
8. Stander on the Mountain – Tim Shaw
9. Preacher in the Ring – The Way It Is tribute band
10. Fields of Gray – John Demarkis
11. Another Day – Stephen Keown
12. Till the Dreaming’s Done – Carwyn Tywyn
13. Variations on Swan Song – Jim Bergsten

CD Two:

1. I Can’t Make You Love Me – Kathryn Holtkamp
2. Passing Through – Rich Diakun
3. Circus on the Moon – Keith Laws
4. The Way It Is – Taylor Mesple
5. Mandolin Rain – Rebecca Mesple
6. Across the River – Harm van Sleen
7. This Too Shall Pass – Alan Kerry
8. Big Rumble – David Ryshpan
9. Look Out Any Window – Aniko Somogyi
10. Defenders of the Flag – Reckless Edward
11. Song C – Allisa Chipman
12. End of the Innocence – Rochelle Sund
13. Variations on The Show Goes On – Patrick Alfers

We are very proud of the first cover project. Thanks to all who contributed to it, and to our later releases!