Michael Baker – obituary

Michael Baker, Bruce Hornsby’s touring drummer from 1998 to 1999, passed away on July 9 2023. Michael was drummer during Bruce’s famous Yoshi’s run in 1998, including the download below.

Michael Baker A world-enowned jazz veteran, Michael brought that to a disparate range of genres – his list of collaborations is not so much a who’s who as a hall of fame: Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Luther Vandross, Sting and James Taylor. He performed at Michael Jackson’s 30th anniversary celebration at Madison Square Garden, and for 18 years was drummer and music director for Whitney Houston.

Michael’s body of work stretches across a wide sphere: a graduate of North Texas State University’s jazz program in the late 1970s, Michael was also a student of ballet and a composer and producer of distinction. He conducted Whitney Houston’s comeback performance of “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” on the 2010 American Music Awards, and produced Aretha Franklin’s performance on the Arista Music 25th Anniversary Special. He wrote and arranged music for HBO specials, Sports Illustrated events, and produced and directed the “Soul Divas Tour” for Whitney Houston, Dionne Warwick and Natalie Cole in 2004..

Michael’s time with Bruce included work on Big Swing Face and Here Come the Noisemakers, and he sat in on Bruce’s Yoshi’s residency in 1998.  Here for download is the show from November 4 1998, opening with a stellar drum solo from Michael and featuring his enduring partnership with J.V. Collier throughout. 

We send our best wishes to Michael’s family and friends.

Yoshi’s, Oakland, CA .. November 4 1998 (late show) featuring Michael Baker:

mp3  01. Drum intro
» 3.1 MiB - 1,496 downloads

mp3  02. China Doll
» 13.6 MiB - 1,117 downloads

mp3  03. The Changes
» 8.2 MiB - 1,077 downloads

mp3  04. Defenders of the Flag
» 8.0 MiB - 1,234 downloads

mp3  05. Another Day
» 9.5 MiB - 1,171 downloads

mp3  06. Across the River
» 12.4 MiB - 1,202 downloads

mp3  07. The Road Not Taken
» 9.8 MiB - 1,193 downloads

mp3  08. (Jungle Land)
» 1.4 MiB - 1,366 downloads

mp3  09. The Way It Is
» 11.8 MiB - 1,385 downloads

mp3  10. Big Rumble
» 6.0 MiB - 1,052 downloads

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