Community work!

The Bruce Hornsby fans’ community is alive and kicking at

The world is in need of good people and good news currently. (You might say since early 2020 and the start of Covid). The best thing about running this site for 24 years has been the people I’ve met across the world. They play a big part in keeping our corner of the world active and fun to be part of.

Some examples:

Be sure to check in on our Facebook group, where over 2,000 people have signed up and contribute to conversations about the music. Share photos, setlists, experiences and our own brand of inane chatter. Newcomers are always welcome.

We’ve.had a great response to the 2022 survey so far, but we’d love a lot more – please have your say!

If you can see that this picture is Bruce Hornsby fan's word games: Plaice Under the Sun Pla(i)ce Under the Sun, then we’re your people! We’ve held quizzes with more of the same, usually on our weekly podcast (3PM Eastern every Sunday). And we have a big quiz version to come on Daily Dose Day, this Sunday May 1. 

Speaking of which, you incredible people have already donated over $600, two months had of the big day! Please check out, which is already up.

And you’ve had some big input into the Bruce Hornsby documentary Door to Forever, including the title – coming May 1!

Finally, several of you are working on a track for our upcoming Bruce Hornsby cover project, also scheduled for a May 1 release.There’s still time for new entrants, so if you can get anything finished by mid-April – please contact Si!

To read more about how you could help with Daily Dose Day before the day, check out – can you help with a prize?

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