Living in the Sunshine

The rapturous reception to Bruce Hornsby’s first “lost single” – called “Living in the Sunshine” – gets some attention!

Out now as a single, and released on October 27 as part of the Spirit Trail 25th anniversary set, “Living in the Sunshine” is one of four songs written in the early 2000s for what was to become Big Swing Face. Bruce picked them up again recently and decided that they were worthy of release – and you agree!

From our Facebook group:

“Good lord! How does this sit on a shelf for 25 years?!” – Vic A

From Bruce’s Facebook:

“Wonderful!!! Like a deep breath of fresh air. Loving it! It has that late 90’s Bruce stamp on it. Stylistically Bright and airy!!!” – Matthew S.

“Goosebumps….. his music never gets old and the piano is just amazing to listen to…” – Stevie G.

“Wow. New favorite. Love songs that pedal and build.” – Michael P.

And from Bruce’s YouTube:

“Now THAT’S The Bruce Hornsby stuff I love. The groove with that resonating root note!!” – @shiler1971

AMAZING! I hear the piano influence from “Look Out Any Window” which is one of my favorite songs.” – @theTransporter007

“i’ve been listening kind of non- stop to this on a paid for streaming service this morning. To me sounds so different to all the other BH recordings, yet still so good. Upbeat, funky but almost gospel like. Love it. Thanks for posting.” – @IR-yb1tb

“Good lord, I simply LOVE this. ” – @LynnP402

“The opening chords, felt like coming home. To the best home I ever/never had. But then it actually took me there. Bruce Hornsby, again, is a living national, no make that WORLD, treasure.Thank you Bruce and the Noisemakers, for lifting our hearts, and giving us hope. In all the different styles, you create a world. Heart medicine. Spirit medicine.” – @TubeKook55

“Living in the Sunshine” is out now as an EP, accompanied by a live “Swan Song” and a remastered “Sunflower Cat” (currently download only). Listen to “Living in the Sunshine” live in the video below, or buy via Amazon or Apple Music.

The 25th anniversary box set is available for pre-order on Amazon: 

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