The Essential Bruce Hornsby: track listing and order link

The Essential Bruce Hornsby release from RCA is now out.

It features tracks from every release (29 in all; 8 of them live) across two CDs.

You can now order from Amazon for immediate release. Early songs from the first three records have been remastered for this release – The Way It Is, Valley Road and Across the River.

Essential Bruce Hornsby Here’s the full Essential Bruce Hornsby track listing:

CD One

1. The Way It Is (remastered)

2. The Valley Road (remastered)

3. Across the River (remastered)

4. Talk of the Town (edit)

5. Rainbow’s Cadillac

6. White-Wheeled Limousine

7. Resting Place

8. Preacher in the Ring Part One

9. Shadowland (edit)

10. Try Anything Once

11. Halcyon Days

12. Song F

13. The Dreaded Spoon

14. A Night on the Town

15. Camp Meeting

16. The Black Rats of London

17. Song E (Hymn in Eb)

CD Two

1. Mandolin Rain (live)

2. End of the Innocence (live)

3. Lost Soul

4. Jack Straw

5. Country Doctor (live; edit)

6. Spider Fingers (live)

7. Hop, Skip and Jump

8. Fortunate Son > Comfortably Numb (live; edit)

9. Gonna Be Some Changes Made (live; edit)

10. Levitate

11. Darling Corey (live)

12. Cyclone (live)

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