First Absolute Zero singles: reaction

Two singles from Bruce Hornsby’s Absolute Zero have already been released on iTunes, Amazon and YouTube. Voyager One and Cast Off and been available to the masses for a couple of weeks, so we took a look at the first reaction.

Absolute Zero Bruce Hornsby Here’s a look at some of the comments on various social channels:

Voyager One

DR: This song is like a zeitgeist for now. It sums up where we are and where we’re headed better than any crappy pop song you can hear on the radio presently. The human race appears to have certain immutable traits but if you look at our species 100 years from now I think you will barely recognize the monkeys we are today.

JA: Voyager One reminds me A LOT of this Talking Heads’ Once in a Lifetime, one of my favorites.

JS: Fascinating. So not what I might have expected, but definitely making me feel like digging in further.

JP: ice to hear something new. This scoots along. Loving the lyrics. 

DR: Beautiful! Unmistakably Bruce, but a definite evolution! So excited to have some new studio material from BH!

CA: Bruce, this is nothing short of amazing. You’ve once again shattered definition and given your fans a jaunty free-for-all with a message. Bravo.

MBS: It’s got a super funky China Cat meets Prince vibe

RB: I absolutely love this. Charlie Parker vibes. Spiritual movement up in there.


AS: This is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard in my life. Bruce and Justin are the dream team. Pure magic…

MK: On the day I needed it the most- my two favorite artists come together and bring me complete catharsis. Music is medicine. Thank you.

AM: Cast Off just has this certain somewhat dark quality to it, I feel he is peaking if thats even possible haha!

KR: Cast Off is healing in a way, and resonates with me leaving a marriage after almost 30 years. Bruce has always touched the soul that way.

Bruce Hornsby Voyager One JE: I fell in love immediately with Cast Off. I love everything about the song, the sound, the arrangement, the rhythmic melody in the singing, the voice is absolutely great … simple but beautiful melody on the piano that runs like a red thread through the song, and we must not forget about the groovy rhythmic drumming, or maybe it’s a drum loop? The song gives me an imaginetive feeling. I feel an exciting and expectant feeling just as I feel when listening to Peter Gabriel’s Mercy Street.

LTB: I’ve literally spent the last two weeks on a Bruce Hornsby and Bon Iver/Volcano Choir kick, and Today I find this, Today THEY RELEASED THIS! I’M DEAD

NL: Such a beautiful song and lyric. I love the idea of reacting humbly to rejection. When we are able to do that we are able to learn the lessons that the universe is sending our way. Easier said than done but a very powerful concept.

GG: Love this tune and grateful that Bruce always pushes the edges of his musical comfort zones. Love the collaboration too!!

SB: Terrific. Music and lyrics perfectly woven synchronized mood.

WR: I got sick of hearing Mandolin Rain at least 25 years ago (i still refuse to listen to it). Fortunately Bruce has never been one to sit on his musical laurels and he keeps coming up with something different and great, all the way from Harbor Lights until today…

ES: Certainly a song that I can relate to (& likely many others as well) in both being rejected & finding humble acceptance in in the wake of it. Great song, idea, & concept.

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