Absolute Zero: the music press reviews

The first Absolute Zero reviews are now in! The music media have gotten their ears onto Bruce Hornsby’s Absolute Zero, out tomorrow (April 12).

Bruce Hornsby Absolute Zero reviews Here are some links to the some prominent outlets, and a snippet of each:

New York Times: “Bruce Hornsby’s new album is coplex and untrendy. That’s why it’s so good”.

Riff Magazine: “Hornsby is the kind of player who makes evocative music as though it’s as natural as breathing… his compositional flair and passionate purity makes the album more than worthy of the belt it’s under.

Keyboard Magazine: “further affirmation of Hornsby’s true genius and the sense that he continues to grow and astound the deeper into his career he moves…. his finest hour”.

All About Jazz: “Moments of aching honesty, eye-opening surprise, and a couple joyous anthems as effervescent as anything Hornsby’s ever done”.

NPR: “Absolute Zero is the sound of an artist subverting expectations and pulling it off brilliantly.”

American Songwriter: “As relentlessly creative as anything he has fashioned, which is saying plenty.”

Uproxx: “A record utterly unlike anything in his catalogue — a thoughtful, jittery, and thoroughly unsettled snapshot of contemporary anxiety set to adventurous, shape-shifting soundscapes.”

No Depression: “It is hard to conceive that a musician who has already put forward approximately 20 albums and appeared on more than 100 others could dole out such a beautiful lesson in humility. But that’s what Hornsby has done, and our perspective of what he is as a man and as an artist has only deepened because of it”.

Cryptic Rock: ” A master at his craft, for well over thirty years Hornsby always finds those essential notes for capturing the listener’s soul while telling a vivid message about life, and the songs of Absolute Zero are no exception”.

You can buy Absolute Zero using the links on our pre-order page.

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