Kathy Hornsby’s photography: word art

Several of you have commented on the incredible photography of Kathy Hornsby, whose work makes the cover of Absolute Zero.

Bruce’s wife exhibited her infra-red photography in Williamsburg, VA in 2016. Several wonderful examples adorn the liner notes of the latest release. 

Absolute Zero sketch
An interpretation of Kathy Hornsby’s photography

The cover was shot at Santa Monica Pier in CA, and the beach shots from the same area. The remainder are from the sand dunes of Deadvlei, Namibia.

We thought it would be fun to combine the art of both Hornsby’s – Bruce’s lyrics with Kathy’s photography.  The result is this “word cloud”. If you’re not familiar with the concept of a word cloud, it depicts the frequency of the words that it portrays – the more frequent the word, the larger it appears.

So we’ve taken every word from the Absolute Zero record and produced this word cloud. Please click on the image to zoom in on it – every word from the latest record, forming the trees of Deadvlei!

You can download the image by right-clicking the image and selecting “Save image as…” (or a close variation of that).

Kathy Hornsby photography word cloud


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