Absolute Zero – day one reactions

We’d normally run these polls on this website, but since it’s already kicked off on social media…  here’s a link to our poll for your Day One reactions to Absolute Zero!

Our apologies to those who don’t use Facebook – normal service will be resumed in the next poll!

Here’s a selection of your comments also: 

JDB: “Chills and tears. What an amazing work. We are blessed to be following an artist that challenges himself and challenges us to hear more than just an artist trying to keep afloat.”

VA: “Is this Bruce’s best album yet (at age 60-something?)?? Who would have thought a collaboration with Justin Vernon would reap such a unique and awesome sound for Bruce at this stage in his career?”

CB: “I can’t stop listening! Absolute 5 stars!!”

ADO: “Amazing work…full of textures…beautiful”

DD: “Compositionally, I’ve not been so excited by a new release for a long time. The orchestrations are consistently thrilling and surprising. I know I will be listening to this LP for many years to come. Thanks Bruce!”

VA: “Is there anything better than discovering new material played live for the first time by Bruce?”

SS: “Wonderful…love the different rhythms attention to details and the natural flow that makes it all happen.”

You can visit the poll separately at https://www.facebook.com/groups/bruuuce/permalink/2254946698155282/

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