Bio: Andi Obieglo

Si Twining

My name is Andi Obieglo, 28 years old, I’m a musician and I live in Wuerzburg (about 120 km from Frankfurt)

Bruce’s music really touched me long before I decided to try it as a musician on my own and surely was a reason to go for it. I realized Bruce’s unique piano style. You immediatly know (before you’ll hear his voice): This must be Bruce, or somebody who is deeply influenced by his stlye (like I am). It’s like you hear the “Mark Knopfler”-guitar or guitar sound…

I studied jazz piano at the Wuerzburg Highschool for Music from 2000 – 2006 and so I had to write a dissertation. I wrote 110 pages about “why does Bruce sound like Bruce”, did some transcriptions and analysed the whole stuff.
So I also made a transcription of “Song D” and learned to play it…

In my opinion this song has so much information about Bruce’s style, about his chord voicings, about his favourite tension notes…I could write a book about it…(At least I did)

In December 2006 we released our first official record and for me it was absolutely clear I had to do my own personal tribute to Mr Hornsby.

I met Bruce before his concert in Munich I guess on September 14. 2004 and with my girlfriend Carolin in Offenbach on September 15. It was really off the wall!!! He was great. I sent my works to Williamsburg, I hope it arrived cause I’d very happy with the imagination that something I wrote (even it is in German) is there anywhere in Bruce’s house…

Andi’s website is at