Bio: Rich and Charlie Diakun

Si Twining

Vocals: Charlie Diakun
Piano, Synths, Bass, MIDI Drums: Rich Diakun
Recorded, Engineered, and Produced at Offhand Manor, Hampton, VA

Charlie Diakun is a printer from suburban Washington, DC. He has been a member of several DC-area bands in the late ’70s and early ’80s, most notably with Sleeping Fever. He wrote and performed music on the sci-fi film, “Star Quest: Beyond The Rising Moon”.

Rich Diakun lives in Hampton, VA and works as a computer programmer for an area school division. He studied music at Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond, and was a member of Richmond-area bands in the ’80s, including Uptown and So What.

Charlie and Rich grew up in Williamsburg, VA at about the same time that Bruce Hornsby did. Back then, Williamsburg was a very small town, and everybody pretty much knew or knew of everybody else.

“Line In The Dust” was chosen because it was a favorite of Rich’s wife, Lisa. Rich was able to hear a “different” arrangement of the song, and the result is this recording. In hindsight, Lisa wishes Rich had taken a stab at “The Chill.” Too late.