Bio: Howard Alexander/Abi Ellis

Si Twining

We are Abi Ellis, vocalist and Howard Alexander, keyboards and producer. I managed to convince Abi to sing on this track having known since I met her that her voice would be great to work with!

Bruce has always been an inspiration to me, particularly as a pianist. I remember hearing Mandolin Rain on the American Top 40 countdown on our local radio station in Northern England and really connecting with the musical and emotional power of the song. I saved up and hunted down ‘The Way it Is’ album, then ‘Night on the Town’ and ‘Scenes from the Southside’ which, for years I thought was the 3rd album!

For me ‘Look Out Any Window’ was a great song, from it’s anthemic opening to it’s uplifting feel. To me it represents a spirit of defiance against the cynical elements of society, and even before I really listened to the words, this spirit was conveyed by Bruce perfectly in the arrangement and performance. We have tried to bring a new style to the song in our version whilst trying to maintain the spirit of it. Hope you like it.