Bio: David Ryshpan

Si Twining

David Ryshpan – Valley Road (4:40). Performed, programmed, and produced by David Ryshpan.

I’m a pianist, composer and arranger living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. A graduate of McGill University (B.Mus Jazz Performance ’06), I’m currently a member of the BMI Jazz Composer’s Workshop in New York City, led by Jim McNeely and Michael Abene.

I discovered Bruce in the twilight of my adolescent “jazz snob” phase and he made me rediscover the possibilities available in pop music. His technique is astounding, something I still strive to achieve. He’s got a great musical sense of humour I appreciate, as well.

“Valley Road” has been done so many ways (normal, bluegrass, “Wharf Rat”-style, “Rag Doll”-style) that the challenge became to do something to it that Bruce hadn’t already done himself. This downtempo hip-hop groove worked (with a hard rock chorus… I can’t remember the reasoning behind that – I think I programmed it for a lark and was surprised at its success), and emphasized the darkness of the absent lyrics.