25 years of Bruce Hornsby – Jennie’s story

Bruce Hornsby accordion

Jennie Crabbe:

In 1986, when I was a 14-year-old aspiring piano player, I heard “The Way it Is,” and it blew my mind.

When I was a lovesick teen, stuck in her room, crying to the ballads on “Scenes from the Southside,” I never dreamed that 20 years later I’d be listening to “The Road Not Taken” — streaming from a laptop computer, of all things — tearing up with my 5-year-old son on my lap as he listened along.

I never thought I’d be bopping down in front of the stage on the riverfront in St. Louis, with my 8-year-old daughter by my side, and beaming and screaming loud when Bruce sang about Jenny driving out to Vegas in “Funhouse.”

In 25 years, the music has grown up right along with me. And even now, every song hits home. Thanks, Bruce, for providing the soundtrack to my life.

Jennie Crabbe
Fan since 1986

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Your memories of 25 years - March 22, 2019 at 3:26 pm

[…] 25 years – Jennie’s story […]

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[…] 25 years – Jennie’s story […]

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