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Bruce Hornsby concert downloads here – grab your MP3s of live concerts from the 1980s onwards. Range days, Noisemakers, solo shows, Grateful Dead – they’re all here!

Anybody who has ever bought a Bruce Hornsby record has heard at least the first part of the story. The live experience is a different level where the songs take on a whole new life.

You’ll hear improvised music, and never the same version of a song twice. If you want to challenge the band or hear your favourite, they’ll take requests every time.

Fortunately, Bruce allows taping at his shows (venue permitting) and we’ve put several of the best up here for download in MP3 format. Thanks to all those who have generously shared their recordings.

You can also download music from our “Daily Dose” archive. For over ten years we ran the “Daily Dose” – a daily download of live Bruce Hornsby downloads in MP3 format.

You’ve downloaded them nearly a quarter of a million times since !

There are plenty of songs to choose from, from Bruce’s catalogue and other artists who he’s covering.

Solo shows and band shows, from all eras – get yours here! 

Please enjoy these Bruce Hornsby concerts and MP3s!


Also look out for the Bruce Hornsby setlists page for reference and Daily Dose archive for individual songs.