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Si Twining
Played by: Bruce Hornsby on: Non-Secure Connection (album) J.T. Thomas on: Flicted...

Charlie Haden

Si Twining
Albums: Night on the Town (album) – upright bass on Stander on the Mountain...

Charlie, Woody and You

Si Twining
From Camp Meeting (album) .. 2007. Features: Bruce Hornsby (piano); Christian McBride (upright bass); Jack DeJohnette (drums)....

China Doll

Si Twining
Features: Bruce Hornsby (piano, vocals); Jimmy Haslip (bass); John Molo (drums); Pat Metheny (guitar); Phil Collins (backing vocals); Tony Berg (guitar chords); Wayne Pooley (guitar...

Chris Croce

Si Twining
Albums: Absolute Zero (album) – bass on Never in This House, The Blinding Light of Dreams...