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Si Twining
Played by: Bobby Read on: Levitate (album)    ...

Rehab Reunion

Si Twining
From Rehab Reunion (album) .. 2016. Featuring: Bruce Hornsby (piano, vocals); J.T. Thomas (organ); J.V. Collier (bass); Sonny Emory (drums); Gibb Droll (guitar); Ross Holmes...

Rehab Reunion (album)

Si Twining
An album of firsts – all dulcimer, no piano, and debut studio appearances for Ross Holmes, Gibb Droll and Moyes Lucas (although technically Moyes’ washboard on Valley...

Resting Place

Si Twining
(Resting Place reviewed with Fortunate Son) Two extremely thoughtful songs, demonstrating Hornsby’s determination not to leave any stone untouched in his commentary of the human...