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Had Enough

Si Twining
From the Flicted album .. 2022. Features: Bruce Hornsby (piano,, vocals, 12-string-guitar, bass); J.T. Thomas (Chamberlin, organ); Chad Wright (drums);  Ethan Gruska (added attractions); Rob Moose...

Halcyon Days

Si Twining
Included on Halcyon Days (album) .. 2004. Features: Bruce Hornsby (piano, vocals, keyboards); J.V. Collier (bass); Sonny Emory (drums); J.T. Thomas (organ); Wayne Pooley (guitar);...

Halcyon Days (album)

Si Twining
The invasion of the Brits! Bruce is joined by Elton John, Eric Clapton and Sting. This was Bruce’s sole release under the Columbia label....

Harbor Lights

Si Twining
Features: Bruce Hornsby (piano, vocals); Jimmy Haslip (bass); John Molo (drums); Pat Metheny (guitar, sitar); John Bigham (rhythm guitar); Laura Creamer (backing vocals), Jean McClain...

Harbor Lights (album)

Si Twining
Bruce’s debut record with a solo credit. His band at this point is effectively a trio with guests, with John Molo on drums and the...


Si Twining
Played by: Huey Lewis on: The Way It Is (album) Scenes from the Southside Jimmie Wood on: Night on the Town (album)  ...