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Harbor Lights

Features: Bruce Hornsby (piano, vocals); Jimmy Haslip (bass); John Molo (drums); Pat Metheny (guitar, sitar); John Bigham (rhythm guitar); Laura Creamer (backing vocals), Jean McClain (backing vocals), Dave Duncan (midi); Jeff Lorber (loops).

The song starts with one of those mellow piano ditties that are so characteristic of Bruce (Song C, Song D, beginning of The Show Goes On etc…). However, with a few quick notes, the song bursts into action. It’s a surprisingly erotic song by Hornsby standards, in which the guy is suggesting that he and his partner go down to the beach for some floodlit action – “Whatever you want I want more” – and I don’t think we’re talking about beach volleyball here…

The main point about this song is a musical one – with elaborate and expanded electric guitar and drum solos, it’s clear that this album will be different to anything that we heard with “The Range”.

Carwyn Tywyn


mp3  Harbor Lights
» 14.6 MiB - 1,213 downloads
featuring Steve Kimock
Saratoga, CA
August 24 2001



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