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Sad Moon

From Spirit Trail (1998).

Pulled from a true-life experience. “I was sitting in a parking lot in downtown Newport News, eating drive-through junk food, when all of a sudden I’m startled by a knock on my  window,” Hornsby said. “I looked, and it’s a hooker, about my age, maybe younger, she was asking me if I want a date. I said no and that was pretty much the extent of the encounter.

“But I was looking at her as she walked away. This was the first time this had happened to me, the first time I had been accosted like this in my home area. It made me think, I could have gone to school with her. “

On “Sad Moon,” he used the experience as a launching point: “I think maybe I knew her in school / In my memory’s faded view / I remember years ago, her name / I barely knew / Years later I saw her in  town / Knockin’ on my window talking loud / She said baby do you need a date / Or just a little foolin around / … Standing there and laying in wait / she looks at me and I look away / ‘Neath the sad moon.”

Bruce Hornsby Sad Moon

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