Podcast #1 – This is all your fault…

I put out the invitation for you to suggest new ideas for Bruuuce.com, and this idea came out on top – a podcast!

Serves me right.

Nah, this should be a lot of fun, actually – but we’ll need your help. To kick us off we’ll need questions, comments, feedback, ideas, requests… we’ve made this as easy as we can for you, because next week’s show is a corker: our guest is Bruce Hornsby.

Hit me with whatever you can, and I’ll get through as much as I can manage. You can submit questions via the contact page.

So this first episode is really a prelude of what’s to come. We talk about the format, what to expect, and we have a few “doses” of live music from Bruce and the band at Scotsdale, AZ in April 2005.

Join us, join in and we’ll have the basis of a great little project!

Additional music from Megan Metcalfe, Dave Rich and Noah Wilker.

Send your questions, comments and feedback by either posting below, or via our contact page.

Thanks as always,

– Si.

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