20 Days: 20th download .. November 8 1998 (late show)

That’s it… for now. You have all 20 shows from Yoshi’s in 1998. I sincerely hope you have enjoyed them.

The last 20 days have pretty exhausting on a number of levels, but once again you guys have seen it through and made it an extremely rewarding venture.

Daily Dose Day is on June 30
Daily Dose Day – June 30

Some of you know that I was a little nervous about doing this, partly because of the economic situation and because it had been some time since we’d done anything similar. I thought that a goal of $1,000 was very optimistic, but would make a statement that with enough hard work, we might be able to approach that.

20 days later, and we’ve almost tripled that amount.

Selfishly, I’ve seen people very dear to me suffer from mental health problems and ALS, and seen the benefits of Multiple Sclerosis care. So it’s easy for me to say they’re worthy causes. You guys have put your hands in your pockets, though – emphatically. It can be a lonely time typing away at a keyboard, but it’s clear that I’m not talking to myself… and I want to thank you all very much for your help.

If you’ve enjoyed the last twenty days and you’d like to donate, the links are listed below.

Where does your money go?

A number of you have asked what’s happening with the Paypal donations. What I’d like to do is to find someone who is running a similar online venture, donate a handsome amount anonymously, sit back, and smile. I’ll let you all know which one I picked. Please feel free to suggest one, but please note that it would need to be raising funds for one of our nominated charities.

What happens next?

It doesn’t end here, though. Our main event is next Monday (June 30)’s Daily Dose Day – 24 hours of downloads around the clock, with more giveaways. Meanwhile Bruce has provided a number of “doses” from his own personal archive. I’ve heard them, and let’s just say that I like his taste! If you’d like to be e-mailed a reminder, please just complete the newsletter subscription form in the left margin. Takes ten seconds.

But for now, you have all twenty downloads from Yoshi’s available. As well as that, you’ve had a number of other treats:

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard over the last 20 days, please consider a donation, however small, to one of our nominated causes.

To make a donation:

  • Use FirstGiving to donate to the ALS Association (DC, MC and VA Chapter)
  • Use JustGiving to donate to the Merlin Centre for Multiple Sclerosis care
  • Or use the Paypal buttons on the site to donate to your choice of cause or TWLOHA, a mental health charity

Download Bruce Hornsby Yoshi’s, Oakland, CA .. November 8 1998 (final show):

mp3  01. Preacher in the Ring Part 2
» 7.2 MiB - 1,534 downloads

mp3  02. The Longest Night
» 8.1 MiB - 1,532 downloads

mp3  03. Man Smart, Woman Smarter
» 13.9 MiB - 1,401 downloads

mp3  04. Jack of Diamonds >
» 4.2 MiB - 1,434 downloads

mp3  05. On the Western Skyline
» 10.3 MiB - 1,483 downloads

mp3  06. Don't Do It
» 4.7 MiB - 1,339 downloads

mp3  07. King of the Hill
» 15.8 MiB - 1,300 downloads

mp3  08. Low Spark of the High-Heeled Boys
» 11.1 MiB - 1,539 downloads

mp3  09. Great Divide
» 12.6 MiB - 1,374 downloads

mp3  10. Big Rumble
» 7.7 MiB - 1,386 downloads

So now I’m going to take a break. Please be sure to come back on Monday June 30… again, if you’d like a reminder, please subscribe to our newsletter using the box in the left margin.

Again, thanks to you all.

– Si.


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