Podcast #29 … Day 5 of 5 in our podcast week

Our final day in this week of Bruce Hornsby-related podcasts is a specially extended edition!

We’ll answer some of your questions from the week in a mailbag section, and close with some other bands. We asked yesterday whether you wanted to hear some recommendations, and the idea met with your approval. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what you get.

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Today’s music includes the Grateful Dead playing Bruce’s songs with Bruce sitting in. Also some Steve Kimock with the Noisemakers, and plenty of Grateful Dead content. No apologies for a second White-Wheeled Limousine this week, as it appears to be popular with the Grateful Dead (Other Ones?) crowd. Two very different Stander on the Mountain versions get an airing today as well… one with the Dead and one with the Noisemakers.

In full:

  • Stander on the Mountain with the Grateful Dead – London, England .. November 1 1990
  • Valley Road with the Grateful Dead – Frankfurt, Germany .. October 22 1990
  • Scarlet Begonias – Saratoga Springs, NY.. July 6 1996
  • Tongue-n-Groove with Steve Kimock – Spotsylvania, VA .. October 5 2002
  • Drunken Hiccups > On the Western Skyline > When I Paint My Masterpiece – dd .. May 17 1996
  • White-Wheeled Limousine – Quincy, CA .. July 5 2002
  • Wharf Rat – North Tonawanda .. August 29 1995
  • Stander on the Mountain > Mandolin Rain > Brokedown Palace – Amsterdam, Holland .. December 5 1995

Bonus content – live versions of:

Thank you all again for tuning in, and hopefully you enjoyed the week!

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