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What do we know about Bruce Hornsby’s next record?

What do we know about Bruce Hornsby’s next record? Let’s sort through some of the chatter and confirmed rumours…

Photo: Jim Singleton
Photo: Jim Singleton

Entitled “Rehab Reunion”, it is released on  June 17 2016 and you can pre-order on Amazon here.

Bruce describes it as “a record of all the dulcimer music I’ve been writing for the last couple of years… a stripped down, folk-oriented dulcimer record”.

There is “not a lick” of piano on this, says Bruce, but some rock… citing Sonny Emory on drums as an example..

A Noisemakers record, guests include Mavis Staples and “maybe one or two others”.

Bruce says that he wrote four new songs from mid May to mid June of 2014 – three with Chip deMatteo and one (“Over the Rise”) on his own.

Most tracks were recorded in early September 2014 over a period of three and a half days.

There are possibly 8 new songs, with maybe a reworked Valley Road in addition. Songs include:

  • Rehab Reunion – possible title track, described as a straight country song. Written with Chip deMatteo.
  • M.I.A. In Miami – about quitting a job to head anonymously to Miami
  • Tropical Cashmere Sweater – written with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter
  • T.S.A. Man – about “the sensual experience of an airport security check”
  • Tipping – the mental and arithmetic challenges presented by tipping in a restaurant
  • Celestial Railroad – recorded with Mavis Staples. Described by Bruce as a funky gospel song, that he wrote for Mavis in 1992/3
  • Over the Rise – Bruce describes this as like an English folk song, with a “John Barleycorn” feel. Recently debuted live
  • Possibly Valley Road
  • One other!

Bruce has introduced other new songs to his live shows in the last couple of years. These are not thought to be part of the new record:

  • Life in the Psychotropics
  • Might As Well Be Me (written with Robert Hunter)
  • I’ll Take You There (also written with Hunter)

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