Daily Dose Day 7 … May 6 2018

We are less than a week away from Daily Dose Day, a live streaming 24-hour podcast coming to a screen (or a cell phone) near you on Sunday May 6.

Daily Dose Day Some of the highlights to look out for on the day:

  • Si will be streaming 24 hours of content. Yes, wall-to-wall concerts and chat from midnight to midnight
  • a “dose” of live music to download every hour, on the hour, for a whole day
  • the sixth cover project. Twenty interpretations of Bruce’s music, all by you! And it’s all free for download. It’s called “Postcards from Tossington”, which we may or may not explain on the day!
  • we’ll chat with so many of you: Bruce, JV Collier, Ross Holmes, and others. They’ve all been around Bruce’s scene in plenty other ways. We have David Gans (Grateful Dead Hour, Tales From the Golden Road). Also our old friend Josh (but you can call him Otis Darling. I’m sure he’ll explain). Bruce has influenced his work also. We’ll see who else we can pick on.
  • giveaways and contest prizes, including signed merchandise, concert tickets and more!

All of this will be in aid of the ALS Association and the Merlin Centre for Multiple Sclerosis care if you like what you hear, we’ll give you directions on the day for making voluntary donations.

Come and find us here at Bruuuce.com next Sunday… or look up our Facebook group for updates in the lead-up to the big Daily Dose Day!

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