Newsletter archive – summer 1993

Beginning a series looking back at the old newsletters that Melissa would post out in the 1990s. This one is from the summer of 1993, right after the release of Harbor Lights. (I’ve removed the tour dates). Next one is coming soon! Bruce Hornsby Harbor Lights


Bruce and the band toured Europe for three weeks in June, playing small venues and doing press in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Stuttgart, Cologne, Rome, Hamburg. A return to Europe after the New Year is a possibility.


Since its release in April, “Harbor Lights” has achieved critical success, with positive reviews and features in TIME, ROLLING STONE, DOWNBEAT, THE NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, LOS ANGELES TIMES, and USA TODAY, among others. Cover stories on Bruce have appeared in recent issues of KEYBOARD, JAZZIZ, and VIRGINIA magazines.

The change in musical direction on “Harbor Lights” shows an expanding of musical horizons that has been met favorably by the critics, but has made widespread radio airplay difficult so far. Hopefully, this will change with the September release of the single “Fields of Gray.”


Bruce has appeared on numerous TV shows of late: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Arsenio, Late NIght with David Letterman, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Regis and Kathi Lee, John and Leeza, CNN, ENtertainment Tonight, “E” Entertainment Television, Farm Aid, and the VH-1 and PBS “Center Stage” specials. The PBS “Center Stage” Special, an hour-long live concert, will be airing at various times. An “Austin City Limits” show has been taped to air at a later date.

In addition to TV, radio appearances have included the Larry King Hour, the Columbia Radio Hour live broadcast in July, and live concerts recorded for E-Town on NPR and Mountain Stage for airing in September.


Five American sports heroes were honored at the First Annual National Sports Awards Show televised from Washington, D.C., in June. As part of the tribute to the late tennis great Arthur Ashe, President Clinton has made a special presentation to Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe on behalf of her late husband. Bruce then performed a solo piano version of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” one of Arthur Ashe’s favorite songs. Bruce was honored to be asked to participate in this very special part of the program for Arthur Ashe, so he flew to Washington from Rome for the taping of the special and then flew back immediately to London, where he went directly from the airport to stage for his concert!


Bruce has recently played on the following records that will be released soon: Bela Fleck’s upcoming album “Three Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” bassis Rob Wasserman’s “Trios” album, and saxophonist Bill Evan’s jazz album.


The single “Fields of Gray” will be released on September 7. On the “B” side of the single will be a previously unreleased solo piano performance titled “Song A,” which will be the first in a series of solo pieces to back up singles to come. In addition, the video of “Fields of Gray,” filmed on location in Virginia, will be airing on video channels in early September.


1. What singles do you plan to release form “Harbor Lights”?

“Talk of the Town,” “Fields of Gray,” and “Rainbows Cadillac.”

2. What is the inspiration for “Fields of Gray”?

“It’s a song for my twin boys.”

3. What is behind you in the “Harbor Lights” picture?

“That was taken at a boat harbor junkyard in San Pedro, CA

4. What was it like to work with Phil Collins?

“He is a great guy and an amazing musician. We had a great time, and I hope to work with him again in the future. He also laughs at my jokes!”

5. Do you have any plans to do an instrumental album?

“If I come up with a good, interesting, unique idea or concept for an instrumental record, I’ll do one, but not until then.”

6. Will you release your symphony shows?

“No, probably not. I will probably do an orchestral album with new material, or there is the possibility of a live album that would contain some symphony songs.”

7. What are your feelings regarding the Grateful Dead?

“They are great guys, and they have the best run organization I have ever seen. It’s always fun playing with them, and I used to get the chills when I did.”

8. Will you ever put all of your outtakes on one CD?

“No, but some will resurface at some point.”

9. Is the bust on your concert piano Rogers Hornsby? Is he any relation?

“Yes, it’s him, but he is no relation. I’ve had him since I was nine years old.”

10. Why didn’t you play with the Range on this album?

“I wanted to have the freedom to play with different people, and I took a musical direction some of the band members were not well-versed in.”

11. Will you play with the Range again?

“We are all still good friends. It will depend on the type of musical project I decide to do.”

12. Which is your best-selling album? Did “A Night on the Town” sell as well as you expected because of the difference in music from the first two albums?

“The Way It Is” is my best-selling album. I never have a certain expectation of sales for a record. I hope they do well, but I never have a clue.

13. How many are there in your family?

“I have a wife, and two kids, and I have two brothers.”

14. Are twins a handful?

“Yes, but a very enjoyable handful.

15. What’s next?

“It’s a never-ending cycle–write, record, tour. I’m in the tour part of the cycle now.