Download: Bruce Hornsby, National Sawdust, April 30 2019

Bruce Hornsby, the Noisemakers and yMusic made back-to-back appearances at the National Sawdust in Brooklyn this past April. Here you can download the second of those performances.

Bruce Hornsby National Sawdust Brooklyn
Photo courtesy San Appell

Several new songs from Absolute Zero feature. We heard from several who were at the shows:

“Between the new music, y-music coming on and off stage, dulcimer, Noisemakers, solo classical stuff…not sure you’ll see a more diverse concert than these last 2 nights.”

“Tremendous show. He never disappoints!” 

“What a night…. I can remember 4 times in my 56 year life that I have been moved emotionally. The birth of my 3 children, Bruce in concert in 1990 and now tonight. I was sat literally 6 feet away from him and it was both amazing and fascinating to watch him play the piano. National Sawdust venue was very intimate and the acoustics suited the sound very well. The songs from Absolute Zero sounded crisp and even better live in my opinion. Traveling from Edinburgh to New York is a trip I’ll not forget in a hurry.”

04/30/19  National Sawdust – Williamsburg, NY
Cast-Off, White Noise, Fractals, Voyager One**, Blinding Light of Dreams**, Never in This House**, End of the Innocence**, The Way It Is**, Resting Place, Black Rats of London*, MIA in M.I.A.M.I.*, Over the Rise*, Mandolin Rain**, Take You There**, Mighty Rainbow
Notes: *denotes dulcimer, ** denotes with yMusic. J.V. Collier on keyboards on Voyager One

So here’s night two for download – an audience recording with grateful thanks to Mike. You can grab it on etree here.

Download Bruce Hornsby National Sawdust, Brooklyn April 30 2019

mp3  01. Cast-Off
» 9.4 MiB - 674 downloads

mp3  02. White Noise
» 4.5 MiB - 529 downloads

mp3  03. Fractals
» 3.8 MiB - 541 downloads

mp3  04. Voyager One
» 6.2 MiB - 522 downloads

mp3  05. Blinding Light of Dreams
» 6.9 MiB - 665 downloads

mp3  06. Never in This House
» 5.1 MiB - 546 downloads

mp3  07. End of the Innocence
» 10.9 MiB - 561 downloads

mp3  08. The Way It is
» 14.5 MiB - 593 downloads

mp3  09. Resting Place
» 12.5 MiB - 548 downloads

mp3  10. Black Rats of London
» 7.3 MiB - 519 downloads

mp3  11. MIA in M.I.A.M.I.
» 9.6 MiB - 522 downloads

mp3  12. Over the Rise
» 8.4 MiB - 531 downloads

mp3  13. Mandolin Rain
» 8.9 MiB - 531 downloads

mp3  14. Take You There (Misty)
» 8.3 MiB - 550 downloads

mp3  15. Mighty Rainbow
» 7.1 MiB - 552 downloads

Enjoy this  Bruce Hornsby download from the National Sawdust, Brooklyn, NY!


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