Non-Secure Connection

Si Twining

You’ve had eight months already – now we’re asking you to score the Non-Secure Connection record, so that we can compare it with earlier releases!

There’s a 10 second clip of each song in our audio player below.

If you’re inclined to rate any track a perfect 10, please restrict that to one choice only, if you would! Also feel free to leave your comments below if you’d like.

Non-Secure Connection – Bruce Hornsby – sound clips

Scoring Non-Secure Connection

Aside from the tracks, you should score the record based on:

Artwork/liner notes – what came with the record

Musicality – musical creativity, spontaneity, connection – what makes it all work

Production – how good it sounds

Personnel/collaborations – who did what

Before we get to those scores a reminder of how each track sounds, with a brief clip of each:

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