Podcast 21 – announcing 20 days of Bruce

We’ve kept you waiting long enough, while some tireless work behind the scenes has been getting everything in place, and we’re now ready to announce…

20 Days of Bruce!

June 6!

There’s a quick thirty minute podcast below to give you the full details, but for the hard of clicking, it’s an expanded version of the Daily Dose Day. I tried to think how I could do it better this year, and the big idea was…

Do twenty of them!

It will run from June 6 to June 25, and will feature Bruce’s entire Yoshi’s residence (twenty different shows) up for download. As always, the music will be available for free, with absolutely no obligation to give up any money – but if you enjoy what you hear, we will of course gratefully accept a donation for any of three wonderful causes!

You’ve all been so great and donated over $18,000 over the years to various wonderful projects, and I thank you all so much for your participation. This time, we are raising for three outstanding organisations:

There will be special events and giveaways throughout the three weeks also. As well as concert downloads, we’ll have a special radio station set up to broadcast even more music (possibly live), together with contests, giveaways, and something we’re calling “Request Friday”, where Si will be responding to your requests every Friday! You name the song, and he’ll try to dig it out and post it for download. Plenty of ideas, with more to come.

If you have your own website, Facebook page, Twitter account, music magazine or anywhere you can share the word of what we’re doing, please point towards this page. I’m happy to take questions also – please contact Si or post in the comments section below.

This is a tremendously exciting project – stay tuned for more details!

Save the date! June 6 until June 25!

Here’s the podcast for full details…


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