Thank you and farewell, Bobby and Doug!

Bruce announced today (April 9) that Bobby Read and Doug Derryberry, with a collective 35 years of Noisemaking between them, are to move on to other ventures.

bobbyalan Paying tribute to both in a statement on his official website, Bruce said:

“As the years go by and my music changes, I’ve been increasingly interested in hearing some new sounds in my band. As I get older, I’ve become more of a folkie than a jazzer, and I’ve felt the need to move the music accordingly.”

Doug says, “It was an amazing life-changing 15 years for me. I do not begrudge Bruce letting us go… I love Bruce’s music and I will keep tabs on his future growth and progress.”

Bobby also chipped in with a message for you all: “Thanks SO much to all of you for your wonderful support over the years! It’s been an incredible pleasure and privilege to play so many great shows with such a great band and great audience.”

Bruce continued, “Bobby Read is one of the greatest musicians I know. I’ve loved playing with him , and hope to always have opportunities to work with him. He was with us for twenty years, and I’m so grateful for his great taste, good humor, soul and musicianship during his long tenure.”

“When I released the Spirit Trail album in 1998, I needed to find a guitar player who could play John Leventhal’s great orchestral guitar parts that enhanced that music so much. Doug Derryberry filled that bill and much more, with his guitar, strong vocals and mandolin playing giving us what we needed for fifteen years. He has been the oracle of the band; we all have gone to Doug for help in remembering old parts, chords, lyrics and endings through the years.”

“Thanks go out to both of these great people for their efforts and contributions adding so much to our sound for many years.” dougalan

Both have much to keep them busy – Bobby will continue to run his Small World Audio studio in Charlottesville, VA. Doug has a number of jobs, not least on Sesame Street in New York!

We put both Doug and Bobby in our Hall of Fame last December, and you left them both tremendous feedback:

Please continue leaving that feedback, and your thanks, below.

We also have a long-standing page on each, which we will continue to update with their latest news!

Not forgetting, of course, their official websites:

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JV Collier May 17, 2014 at 12:58 am

Doug and Bobby, I love you both my brothers. I look forward to working with you both on future projects.
Peace and Blessings,

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