20 Days: 9th download .. November 1 1998 (early show)

We’ve made in past $1,800 in our donations! Thank you all very much. You are are making the 20 Days of Bruce a great success. Don’t forget, you can find a more up-to-date total to the left, under “How much have we raised so far?

To Write Love On Her Arms
To Write Love On Her Arms

We wanted to give each charity a day in the spotlight to explain why they’re important, and what your money is being spent on. This time we’re looking at TWLOHA – To Write Love On Her Arms, a mental health charity.

Our rare memorabilia contest winner will be announced later today.

Current highlights:

If you’ve enjoyed the music so far, please consider our three worthy charities for a donation. We want to see how much we can raise in the remaining two weeks! You can donate or track the progress of our campaign on the left of the page, or by using the links below. Please enjoy your eighth day of downloads from Yoshi’s!

  • Use FirstGiving to donate to the ALS Association (DC, MC and VA Chapter)
  • Use JustGiving to donate to the Merlin Centre for Multiple Sclerosis care
  • Use the Paypal buttons on the left for your choice of cause or TWLOHA mental health charity

Yoshi’s, Oakland, CA .. November 1 1998 (early show):

mp3  01. How Far Am I From Canaan
» 10.6 MiB - 1,039 downloads

mp3  02. Rainbow's Cadillac
» 9.2 MiB - 1,066 downloads

mp3  03. Spider Fingers
» 8.3 MiB - 1,083 downloads

mp3  04. Valley Road
» 9.6 MiB - 1,024 downloads

mp3  05. Sunlight Moon
» 7.5 MiB - 1,032 downloads

mp3  06. Wharf Rat
» 8.0 MiB - 1,030 downloads

mp3  07. (Terrapin Station)
» 3.8 MiB - 1,097 downloads

mp3  08. The Way It Is
» 10.6 MiB - 1,054 downloads

mp3  09. In The Wee Small Hours
» 5.9 MiB - 1,134 downloads

mp3  10. Great Divide
» 7.4 MiB - 1,066 downloads


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