wiki – a time capsule

Call it a time capsule, call it the Book of Bruce, or a wiki… we have the definitive guide to Bruce’s career so far. wiki

Try it like you would Wikipedia. You can find who played what, on what record. Read detailed and considered lyric analysis, and add your own.

Alongside almost every song that we’ve looked, we’ve included a download link, so you can hear a live version – which goes without saying will be different to the studio version. Think of it as a batch of extra live doses.

Every blue text is a link, so go exploring and see what you can find…

If you spot anything which isn’t yet a link, feel free to add anything in the comments or contact Si to add your own bit.

Here’s a starting point:

Or, just start with Bruce’s page and see where it takes you.

It’s an ongoing project, so we’ll add more to it as Bruce’s career progresses and the records keep coming…

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