Non-Secure Connection – Day One take!

We asked and you answered – your first thoughts on Bruce Hornsby’s Non-Secure Connection!

This may well change over time, but we wanted you to give three tracks that made an immediate great impression on you. Here are those tracks, expressed as a percentage of those who picked each.

Below the graph, we’ve listed some of your thoughts, posted on this site and our Facebook group.

Thanks all for getting involved! Please continue to leave your thoughts at the bottom of this page.

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Brian L.: Stock broker Stan be damned, bring the new adventurous Bruce!

Barbara B.: Bright Star Cast, I’m feeling some early Steely Dan.

Gina H.: Love love love the new album!!!

Jennie C.: There’s something really Pink Floyd-esque about “Shit’s Crazy”! Trippy…

Levi B.: The new album is almost like an avant-garde Big Swing Face.

Chris B.: I love “Cleopatra Drones”! “My Resolve” is also stuck in my head. Digging the whole album.

Mark N.: I agree, Cleopatra Drones has been stuck in my head all day! Even sat down at the piano and tried to figure out the chords to the main riff just to keep myself from going crazy. Love the new album!

Jackie M.: My Resolve has been playing in my head all day….

John G.: Great album.

John B.: The Rat King! Hope there is a 15 minute live version of this some day… that piano and string arrangement is awesome. Soulful.

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