Non-Secure Connection: early press

Early reviews for Bruce Hornsby’s Non-Secure Connection are even more effusive than for Absolute Zero. Take a look at these…

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Bruce Hornsby Cleopatra Drones Financial Times – 4/5 – “Represented graphically, this music would show wild fluctuations, darting from high to low, spanning an octave in a couple of notes, at times resembling the score to a Hitchcock thriller.”

All About Jazz – 4/5 – “If this followup doesn’t throw in the kitchen sink quite as completely, he’s still clearing plates and loading the dishwasher.”

London Evening Standard – 4/5 – “It’s not what you might have expected, and all the better for it.”

Under the Radar – 7.5/10 – “a continued flow of boundless inspiration that begins and ends in completely unexpected places.”

Pitchfork – 7.5/10 – “I’m not sure I ever needed to hear the “Mandolin Rain” guy marvel aloud at the wonders of PornHub, but now that I have I’m not even mad about it.”

American Songwriter – 3.5/5 – “Diverse to the extreme, Non-Secure Connection is the sound of Bruce Hornsby’s restless artistry both lyrically and musically.”

All  Music – 3.5/5 – “Capitalizes on Hornsby‘s restlessness, scaling back the lingering echoes of pop and Americana so the pianist can concentrate on jazz and electronica .” – “A demanding, versatile album is ” Non-Secure Connection”, but also one rich in wonderful moments, appealing guest appearances and with an inspired artist at the center.”

Tinnitist – “Secures his status as one of the most creatively restless and curious artists of his generation.”

Glide Magazine – “More than just a strong & cohesive collection of well-written material. It also represents a continuation of Bruce’s keen ability to adapt to the ever-changing musical & societal landscapes that shape our world today.”

The Times – 4/5 – ““Absolute Zero was one of the albums of the year, and Hornsby’s hot streak continues here.”

musicOMH – 4/5 – “A record to stand beside his best achievements in recent years.”



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