Marian McPartland obituary

Bruce was interviewed by the lovely Marian McPartland in 2005, when she was aged 87. She’d been at the piano every day for 84 years, and kept up with Bruce beautifully!

Marian passed away this past Tuesday at the age of 95. The interview was released on CD, and Bruce gives extensive commentary on several songs, playing King of the Hill, Sneaking Up on Boo Radley and The Way It Is. Marian herself features on Close Your Eyes and several duets.

An improvisational player herself, Marian’s radio show lasted over forty years, interview over 500 musicians from Mel Torme to Elvis Costello to Bruce.

Marian was given a lifetime achievement Grammy in 2004, and awarded the OBE in Britain in 2013.

You can pick up her interview with Bruce at Amazon.

New York Times obituary


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