Bruce to tour with Pat Metheny and Bob Weir

In an interview with accessAtlanta, Bruce Hornsby appears to confirm a tour with Pat Metheny for July and August 2014. Additionally, he’s planned some time on the road with Bob Weir in September and October.

Both stories are corroborated by HDBahn on the board, who was at Bruce’s recent show in Greenville and heard Bruce announce both tours from the stage.

Pat guested on both Harbor Lights and Hot House, and had this to say on his own website about their work:

i loved working with bruce on those albums – it was a challenge for me; bruce’s music is actually pretty hard – especially the solo at the end of the tune “harbor lights” – that is right up there with some of the hardest stuff i have ever had to solo over.

The appreciation is mutual, with Bruce referring to Pat’s solo on Country Doctor as “glorious”. They also collaborate on the “Bruce Hornsby and Friends” DVD released in 2004.

Ten years on, we have more to look forward to. Stay tuned for dates as we get them! As always, we’ll be on the lookout for concert recording for our concert archive also.

Here’s hoping for more Bruce Hornsby and Pat Metheny!

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