Audio: J.V. Collier interview

J.V. Collier As part of 2018’s Daily Dose Day on May 6, we once again sat down for this JV Collier interview.

J.V. was as generous as ever with his time and thoughts.

Amongst the day’s topics, we covered:

  • This summer’s tour
  • Chad Wright, sitting in for Sonny Emory this summer
  • His role looking after a new drummer
  • Following Bruce’s lead from the dulcimer
  • Changing his approach for Rehab Reunion
  • Learning something new on the bass
  • His practising routine
  • Improvising on stage
  • Rehearsing(!) and breaking in the new guys
  • Early days with Bruce
  • Pre-show nerves
  • The band critiquing each other
  • Bruce’s “team”

We hope you enjoy this chat as much as we did – here’s our JV Collier interview!

mp3  J.V. Collier phone interview
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for Daily Dose Day 2018

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