Ten days of Hornsby

It’s like the 12 days of Christmas, but with less French hens and more solo piano. Ten Days of Hornsby brings you Bruce Hornsby concert videos from 2018, released by Bruce onto YouTube.

We’ve heard so much great feedback from Bruce’s recent solo shows, and in December 2018 he shared some videos with you from some amazing solo performances. 

These are a treat – songs covering releases from The Way It Is right up to Rehab Reunion, all from the best seat in the house.

This is not cell phone footage. Enjoy them all here!

  • 12/23: Continents Drift
  • 12/22: Retrouvailles > Preacher in the Ring > Webern’s Variations II > Catenaires
  • 12/21: Cyclone
  • 12/20: Mandolin Rain
  • 12/19: Valley Road
  • 12/18: Halcyon Days
  • 12/17: Bach Bb Prelude > Look Out Any Window
  • 12/16: Every Little Kiss
  • 12/15: Song F > Soon Enough
  • 12/14: Country Doctor

Of course, you can pick up plenty of Bruce Hornsby concert videos through his YouTube channel.

December 23:

December 22:

December 21:

December 20:

December 19:

December 18:

December 17:

December 16:

December 15:

December 14:

Enjoy your ten days of Hornsby!

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