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My Theory of Everything

From Deep Sea Vents (album), 2024.

Features: Bruce Hornsby (piano, vocals), Alex Sopp (flute), Hideaki Aomori (clarinet), C.J. Camerieri (trumpet), Rob Moose (violin), Nadia Sirota (viola), Gabriel Cabezas (cello)

From BruceHornsby.com

“Hornsby adds meaty chords to yMusic’s delicate string whorls and sputtering horn lines. He steadily relays the story of a scientist in a nearby aquatic research lab, checking for pollution and analyzing data to do his job. “I love marine research, saving estuaries,” Hornsby sings, a slight wink in his delivery. As this anonymous expert goes about his day, he’s also developing his theory of everything in secret, building a unified framework for how the world really works.”



The narrator works in the VIMS (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) Lab, part of the College of William and Mary in Bruce’s hometown of Williamsburg. It’s among the largest marine research and education centres in the United States, specialising in research in coastal ocean and estuarine science.


The combined fresh-and saltwater areas where the mouth of the river meets the sea.

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