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Cluck Ol Hen

Bruce’s second release with Ricky Skaggs, this time taken from live performances in 2008.

Cluck Ol' Hen
Cluck Ol’ Hen, 2013

Released: October 14 2013

  1. How Mountain Girls Can Love
  2. Toy Heart
  3. Bluegrass Breakdown
  4. Darling Corey
  5. The Way It Is
  6. The Dreaded Spoon
  7. Gulf of Mexico Fishing Boat Blues
  8. Sally Jo
  9. Little Maggie
  10. White-Wheeled Limousine
  11. Cluck Ol Hen
  12. Uncle Pen (digital version only)

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Bruce Hornsby (piano, vocals), Ricky Skaggs (mandolin., vocals), Mark Fain (bass), Cody Kilby (guitar), Jim Mills (banjo), Ben Helson (guitar, vocals), Andy Leftwich (fiddle), Paul Brewster (guitar, vocals), Darrin Vincent (guitar)


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AllMusic: Although they may seem an unlikely pairing, Ricky Skaggs and Bruce Hornsby, who already have a 2007 album together under their belt, complement each other well, bringing a fresh, jazzy good humor and a whole lot of slick, rustic swing to their version of bluegrass. This set was drawn from live performances the two have done together, with some between-song chatter left in to show the easy, fun connection Skaggs and Hornsby capture with each other on-stage.

Bluegrass Today: I have listened to my share of bluegrass albums, and this one became a favorite upon my first listen for a number of reasons. Its vibrancy resonates long after the last song ends. The playfulness you hear between Skaggs and Hornsby puts you on the stage with them, and brings the emotion of bluegrass music alive and back to better days in an instant. The soulful, traditional mix of music opens the box for this genre, allowing other music tastes to come on in and test the water. I think you’ll like the temperature.

Lonesome Road Review: Hornsby’s ability not just to nail the difficult rhythm, but to spin off killer runs and breaks while adding harmonic backdrop to full-on pure-as-white-lightning standards from Monroe (Toy Heart, Bluegrass Breakdown, and Sally Jo) and the Stanleys (How Mountain Girls Can Love and Little Maggie) is—especially in concert—literally breathtaking.

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