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Lost Soul

Features: Bruce Hornsby (piano, vocals, synthesizer); George Marinelli (guitar, backing vocals); John Molo (drums, percussion); Joe Puerta (bass, backing vocals), Shawn Colvin (vocals).

This is about a person who, in the song’s words, felt he “didn’t fit in anywhere.”

There’s nothing more to say here that’s not said in the song, other than to point out a few lines. The guy in the song couldn’t get out of a sort of circular feeling that is stated in the lines “Thought no one loved him, that was not true,” and “You show me love but maybe I don’t deserve it.”

Shawn Colvin’s duet part fills in the story from another angle with lines like “We all tried to make him feel he was one of us again.”

From “Bruce Hornsby & The Range – A Night On The Town” Sheet music published in 1990 by Cherry Lane Music Company, Inc. (ISBN 0-89524-580-9)


mp3  Look Out Any Window
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Toledo, OH
Band show; soundboard
July 23 1994



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