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Non-Secure Connection

Record: Non-Secure Connection (album) .. 2020

Features: Bruce Hornsby (piano, John Cage samples, vocals); Justin Vernon  aural atmosphere); Gibb Droll (guitar); Chad Wright (John Cage samples)

From Bruce Hornsby on Apple Music:

“I get Wired magazine. There was an amazing article about a hacking of the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics that was discovered just hours before the opening ceremony, and it was going to shut down the entire Olympics. And these guys miraculously, just before the ceremony started, were able to figure out and thwart the attempt to completely ruin the Games. And then they did their due diligence afterwards to try to find out who did this. It was an amazing article, a real window into the hacking world and the world of people trying to stop these nefarious missions that some hackers may be on. I had a real interest in writing about that, and I had this piece of music, and I thought with the lyrical idea it would make a good marriage. That’s it: Wired magazine and a She’s Gotta Have It Spike Lee cue.”

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