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Non-Secure Connection (album)

Bruce’s second record in as many years (first time that’s happened).

Bruce Hornsby Non-Secure Connection Released: August 14 2020

  1. Cleopatra Drones
  2. Time, The Thief
  3. Non-Secure Connection
  4. The Rat King
  5. My Resolve
  6. Bright Star Cast
  7. Shit’s Crazy Out Here
  8. Anything Can Happen
  9. Porn Hour
  10. No Limits

Bruce Hornsby (piano, bass, vocals, John Cage samples, Chamberlin French horns, Chamberlin, cymbal, Wurlitzer, 12-string-guitar, electric sitar); Gibb Droll (guitar); John Mailander (violin); J.V. Collier (bass); Chad Wright (drums, John Cage samples); J.T. Thomas (organ, keyboards, Novation keyboard); Sonny Emory (drums); Wayne Pooley (12-string-guitar); Leon Russell (vocals); Rob Moose (violin), Hideaki Aomori (clarinet), J. T. Bates (drums); 20 piece string orchestra; Justin Vernon (vocals, aural atmosphere); Rob Moose (string arrangement, viola, violin); James Mercer (vocals); Jamila Woods (vocals); Vernon Reid (guitar); Esther Noh (violin); Stephanie Matthews (violin), Erin Wight (viola), Karen Ouzounian (cello), Jeremy Ylvisaker (guitar), Mike Lewis (bass); Bruce Coughlin (orchestration); University of Miami Frost School Orchestra.

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