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Bright Star Cast

Record: Non-Secure Connection (album) .. 2020

Features: Bruce Hornsby (Wurlitzer, piano, vocals); Jamila Woods (vocals); Vernon Reid (guitar); John Mailander violin), Gibb Droll (rhythm guitar); Esther Noh (violin); Stephanie Matthews (violin); Erin Wight (viola); Karen Ouzounian (cello); Jeremy Ylvisaker (guitar); Mike Lewis (bass); J.V. Collier (bass); J. T. Bates (drums)

From Bruce Hornsby on Apple Music:

“It’s an attempt at a civil rights anthem. I’ve tried several times in my career, or I’ve written several songs over the years inspired by the problem of race in America. This is yet another attempt. The track was for a Spike movie called [2014’s] Da Sweet Blood of Jesus. That’s why Vernon Reid is on it, the great guitarist from the band Living Colour. Spike said, ‘Hey, let’s call Vernon,’ when we were recording for the film. So we got him on there, and we used him again. I called him up and said, ‘Hey, Vernon, you remember when you did that? Well, it’s now on the next record of mine.’ He enjoyed that, and we had a great visit. I wanted to do a duet here too, so a friend of ours, Eric Deines at Jagjaguwar, hooked us up with one of their artists, Jamila Woods from Chicago, a poet/singer-songwriter. She emailed me and said, ‘My dad was playing me Bruce Hornsby records when I was young, and I’m in.’”

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